Mischievous Theatre CIC

… based on the Isle of Thanet, was formed in 2012 to create stimulating theatre and to encourage a greater involvement in the arts by the people of East Kent, particularly Thanet, and to tour work both nationally and internationally. As theatre makers our ambitions are to produce quality theatre that intrigues, challenges and delights; to play with form and style, to experiment, to cross arts boundaries, to surprise ourselves and our audiences, to incorporate new technologies and old ones, to make work that makes us question ourselves and the world around us, to tell stories old and stories new and to do all of this in a place where the world of the audience and the world of the performers meet.

Isle of Thanet
The Isle of Thanet sticks out into the English Channel. It has a harbour, miles of sandy beaches, white cliffs, a number of small towns and villages, some extraordinary architecture and an “edge of the world” atmosphere. Historically the Isle of Thanet was a “jumping off” point for people to invade the continent, both tourists and armies, and a “very good place” to begin your invasion of Britain. The present day population of Thanet is, as it has been for centuries, a wonderful mixture of native Thanetians, a bizarre and eclectic assembly of incomers and an equally strange coterie of “Transients”. The upshot of this is an unconventional, eccentric and slightly wacky identity that is unique within the shores of Britain. Its people, its history, its vibrant cultural scene and the thousands of stories it holds makes Thanet a treasury of knowledge, experience and wonder. We want to share some of those stories, some of that history and some of that wonder with a wider audience. To this end, Mischievous, takes work made in Thanet to the rest of the world and, in doing so, we hopefully illuminate this treasury of culture for those people game enough to live here.

Who is we? I hear you ask. We, the loose ensemble of creatives who form the skeleton of Mischievous Theatre, are a strange and diverse group of talented people who have known each other for years … or hours … we come from different backgrounds, different disciplines, different worlds. We include performers, dancers, choreographers, film-makers,  musicians, writers, directors, dramaturgs, fine-artists and a whole group of clever souls who want to create quality art. If you come back to this site regularly you will begin to meet this talented bunch … in the meantime … me. My name is Clive Holland and I am a performer/writer, occasional producer and director of Mischievous Theatre. I am a creative maker of theatre. I started Mischievous to create theatre that I couldn’t create anywhere else. I am still learning, still inquisitive, still excited by the new, the different, the unusual. I enjoy collaborating with other artists from all disciplines and backgrounds. I’m becoming particularly interested in creating theatre which incorporates new technologies; video projection, live camera, animation, audio, soundscapes, and am trying to work out a means to create theatre online. My aim has always been and still is, to create great art, art that is relevant, provocative, intelligent, intriguing, exciting and has people at its heart; our theatre is a social affair. And I am still excited by the joyous unknown!

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